Surfing. Maui. Children!

First of all, I will have to start by declaring my undying LOVE for Maui!! Magnificent weather (not too hot not too humid), beautiful beaches, incredible sights… absolutely perfect. And Maui with kids is even better. The discovery, the outdoors, swimming with turtles… magic.

Huge Turtle in Maui

Travelling with two children takes a bit more planning than going solo and when the trip is a five day layover after more than 20 days travelling around the US you do have to be creative so they do not start screaming for home. And Peter Fard, from the Lobby Concierge Service of the Ritz Carlton Kapalua proved to be the perfect ally; thank you Peter!!

1.- The location of this Ritz-Carlton. OMG! This property is located on the North West part of Maui called Kapalua; perfectly manicured avenues, incredibly low «people to trees» ratio and daily encounters with wild marine life. Just how we «dreamed up» Maui!


2.- Three swimming pools including a kiddie pool for our three year old and various jacuzzis; just in case the sand is not «your thing». Although I would have warmed up the water the three swimming pools located on a row made it complicated to get out of the property to sightsee. Wonderful!


3.- Their Residential Suites are perfect for families with children. Enough privacy for children and adults, wonderful dinning area that we ended up using a lot and incredible views. Very confortable!!


4.- Peter Fard, THE Concierge; I will admit to now knowing if the rest of the concierge team was as good but, for us, Peter definitely made sure our stay was simply perfect.  He found us the perfect «luau» (yes, you do have to experience a Luau no matter how «cheesy» you may think they are… newflash: our three year old loved it!!), the helicopter ride en even…


5.- The surf lessons. Incredible! No words! so much fun! Peter went out of his way to organize private lessons which we ended up doing through Zach Howard Surf. What an experience; Ukumehame Beach State Park was simply dreamy and Brett Sheerin, our instructor was incredible. He had us up on the board within the first 10 minutes of lesson. Yes, we are hooked!! Loved Maui Surfing!

Maui Surfing

Definitely a luxury vacation!

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